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Miyawaki Methodology

Forest Impact applies the Miyawaki methodology to planting forests.  


This methodology has been applied world wide, on all continents, climates, and varying conditions of soil and land size.    The methodology is named after the developer of this concept: Prof Akira Miyawaki.  In 2006, he was awarded the Blue Planet Prize, which recognizes outstanding efforts in scientific research or application that contributes to solving global environmental problems.  Since the 1970’s over 3,000 forests have been created following this methodology.


The methodology is simple and mimics the way nature works, all we are doing is speeding up nature’s process to reach a mature forest.


We begin by selecting 20-30+ shrub and tree species that are native to the location being planted.  These plants are already adapted to the local climate and weather conditions and will thrive better than non-natives.  Next the soil is analyzed to identify what natural and organic additives need to be mixed in.  The soil will then be balanced for nutrients, water retention and drainage.  The saplings are then planted, roughly 3 per square meter.  Mulch is added to retain moisture, protect the soil from sunlight and keep weeds from growing. 


The wide variety of species planted grow to recreate the various layers in a natural forest.  Scientists are estimating that natural mature forests can store 40 times more carbon than single-species plantations.  The Miyawaki forests are designed to regenerate the land and to grow much faster than single-species or independent tree-planting.  Advocates say that this methodology is key to meeting climate goals.  It was listed in the Drawdown Project, as one of the top 100 ways to mitigate the effects of climate change.


We're working on our first forest to be planted between October & December 2021.  This is the ideal time for planting in the Lisbon - Cascais area and will give our plants and trees the best opportunity to get established. 

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